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Once I was young, in the country, living in the midst of horses. Enamoured by the Horse and Mane, I spent hours and days with the tangible beauty of the animal's hair in my hands, with great wonder at the raw and humble essence of hair. Hair became my passion, and having hair in my hands became my home.

I am Elise Idiens, and over the fifteen years of hairdressing that has been since my move from the country, I have had the good fortune to be mentored by the world's most gifted artists in the realms of Hairdressing and Colouring. In that time, I have never forgotten the simple, humble, pleasure of having a person's hair in my hands. Rather than seeking the glamour and accolades, I want to share that experience with anyone who wants the utmost attention to detail that a hairdresser can offer. Whether a wedding hair do, a colour and cut, or a fashion produced style for photographic or media purposes, my aim is to bring my essence and experience to you. My blog is aimed to communicate through images the artistry of my work, and the types of styles I have achieved.

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Wed-Sat- Elysha Lee Hair. Bulli, Australia.

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GQ MENS MAGAZINE Ryan Corr + Kyla Bartholomeusz

They have the ability to make you feel like someone else. When you doubt yourself in life's direction it only takes a moment to change your opinion of your self with a little imagination installed by a story written by someone else through a scene of a Movie or a TV series. All of a sudden you are a millionaire, a hero of society, a dreamy love boat! 
When you are then commisioned to style the hair of the stars that take you from your roughest days it is incredibly nerve racking. Having the pleasure of meeting Ryan Corr, styling the hair of his beautiful lady Kyla Bartholomeusz was a day spent in the company of great talent and inspiring energies.